Live Review: Dark Horses, Stick Mike's Frog Bar, March 29

The crowd felt a rush of tension as they waited intently for Dark Horses to appear on stage. The lights dimmed and figures slowly emerged through the shadows and positioned themselves with their respective instruments, eager followers crouched at the foot of the stage desperate to get a close-up view of a band just seconds away from bursting collective ear drums. A grungily 90s intro starts to rumble through Sticky Mikes. The delicate frame of Lisa Elle strides through the thick smoke towards the microphone, takes it in hand to the cheers of the full house and starts to belt out a series of callous and cold-blooded lyrics with the dark tenacity of a seasoned pro.
Dark Horses threw everything they had at the crowd, all of whom were trying frantically to get as close to the stage as possible to watch the eclectic group of musicians in closer detail. From moody renditions of “Alone” and “Traps” to the seemingly upbeat “Radio”, Dark Horses managed to perform note-perfect songs with stark individuality.
Elle stood like a neglected femme fatale, her bird-like frame crossed with her surprisingly refined 80s punk image. Giving it her best shot at awkwardly trying to reflect a vocal style similar to Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Dark Horses succeeded in providing their audience with a heart-warmingly drear ensemble, leaving most of her dependable fans content for the night.
Debut album “Black Music” is available to buy now.
Words by Amy Louise Banks

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