An editorial feature about your business can serve as great local promotion and a priceless recommendation to new customers!

Apply here for your venue or product to be featured!

We’ve all seen a great feature about a local place with pics of delicious food and thought ‘ooh I want to try that!’. Now whether you’re a cafe, a takeaway, a pub, restaurant, a pop-up or anything in between; here’s how to organise a feature for your eatery at XYZ, Brighton’s guide to the best of what’s on offer…

The Process - how to organise a feature at XYZ

The Process – how to organise a feature at XYZ

It’s important we are able to turn up anonymously like any customer would and conduct a fair review.

We’ll take beautiful, colourful photographs of your food to share with the feature, capturing the food and the experience to share with thousands of Brighton locals and visitors.

We always send two reviewers for two opinions so it’s fair; they’ll attend together equipped with a copy of this form on the day which they will show when they reveal themselves at the end of their experience of your service and offering so that you can attribute their bill to the budget you’ve supplied via this form.

Please share preferences about the date and time of the review, we will always do our best to meet them. If there’s a time strictly not to attend for review, please include the details so we can avoid it, we don’t want to take up a table on your busiest day/s.

Please supply a suitable budget for review in order that our reviewers are able to gain a true understanding of your offering.

I've sent the form - what now?

I’ve sent the form, what now?

A member of XYZ’s Editorial Team will contact you to confirm the details with you ahead of the review.

Roughly when will the review take place?

I know I can’t know exactly when – but roughly when will the review happen?

Usually within 3 weeks of your having received confirmation of your feature request from the XYZ Editorial Team. Please contact the team with any questions on