Eaux, The Green Door Store, June 10

Doug Elliot headed to the cosy confines of the Green Door Store to see the band’s summer set and chat to some punters after the gig for their opinion on proceedings.



What Did You Think?

Federicio, Student. From Brighton.
“It was extremely mesmerizing, spacey music, I was transfixed for the whole gig. Time seemed to go by extremely quickly.”

Adam, Works in Touring/Hire. From Brighton.
“I think the set was very hypnotic, it really draws you in. It’s very textural music.”
Alice, Works in Print Design. From Brighton.
“It’s definitely the kind of music I could see being played at an all night rave, in a club of some sort. It’s music you can listen to for a long time and not get bored.”
Pics by Doug Elliot

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