Interview: Jamie Brooks

Bob Spalding gets hot under the collar with Brighton based glamour star Jamie Brooks

XYZ: Tell us about your affinity with Brighton…what would be your top 5 things to do in Brighton?

: I was born and grew up in a town in West Sussex about 20
mins outside Brighton, so its somewhere I used to visit with the family
when I was growing up.
Now I live here and I’m out every weekend, its mental…I personally
rate Brighton as the party city of the UK. All my friends from London
say when they come down for the weekends they end up getting smashed
and having a wicked time.
My top five things to do in Brighton would be:

i. Brighton seafront on a summer weekend or bank holiday, it’s
buzzing! A few beers on the beach, a bbq with your mates and when the
sun starts setting its beautiful! Aah! Lol!

ii. The club scene in Brighton is pretty good too, there’s alot of
diversity when it comes to music and loads of nights for the usual
house/dance follower down on the seafront. Whereas, for the more urban
heads, who like me, love Drum N Bass or UK Hip Hop, clubs like The
Ocean Rooms, Pressure Point and Concorde 2 cater for them. The D’n’B
scene in Brighton is pretty immense considering the city’s actual size
compared to other cities and it’s a much more chilled out and happy

iii. Everyone has to see Gay Pride, Brighton Festival Week or at
least visit Black Rock for one of the raves. The party atmosphere is

iv. Get a tattoo!! I think they’re hot, and its a typical thing to
do on a piss-up weekend with your mates. I just don’t encourage getting
mum tattooed onto your genitals or something to that effect, it won’t
be funny in the morning!
v. Go do something really sensible like going to the Sealife
centre. Everyone means to but nobody ever gets round to it. I’ve been
saying I’m going for years!

You’ve had quite an extensive career now in ‘the business’ – how did that all come about?
: I started working within the modeling industry 5 years ago
as a scout / booker / admin asst for an agency in Brighton. I quickly
moved onto shooting pictures when I realised how much money the girls
were making for doing practically nothing. Then I got conned by my boss
into doing a top shelf magazine shoot (W#*ker! – you know who you
are!). I was only doing soft nude stuff at the time and when I turned
up it was full on Mayfair mag type stuff! After that I left the agency
and started getting myself work, which progressed into movies and then
I got the offer of working in LA.

The money side of things must be great but was it a
financial decision or a chain of events that you could have never
planned that has you where you are today?

:Originally when I was 20 and new to the business I was like ‘
this is crazy money! Why wouldn’t everyone do this?!’, but after a
while it all becomes relative and like everyone you always want to live
beyond your means! I’m never skint but then I’m not a millionaire
either. Now I’m 25 and I’m doing it because I understand I could give
myself a comfortable future, but I’m a bit more sensible about it now.
There’s nothing I’d take back for the world though!

Tell us what you up to at the moment in L.A. and what can we expect from future projects…
: I’ve not been out to LA for about 18 months now; I’m mostly
working in the UK and Europe with companies like Private and Marc
Dorcel. I’ve got tons of stuff coming out in America because I shot so
much content out there, but more recently I shot a movie in the UK
called ‘Jamie Brooks Virtual Plaything’ which I’m quite excited about!
If you check out the past releases of this line its been girls like
Michelle Thorne, Lolly Badcock, Alicia Rhodes and Angel Long which are
basically all the top UK girls. I think its out in December.

Finally, I can’t get my girlfriend to orgasm…got any tips ? (If you say buy her a Bentley I’ll die!!)
: To be honest it’s all pretty much a very personal thing,
every girl has got different tastes……….but I don’t think you
could ever go wrong with a nice dinner, some booze and then home for
some head! LOL! (For her that is, not you!)

Words by Bob Spalding

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