Hometown: London

About: There aren’t many bands who attempt to channel their inner Radiohead and come away with a pretty genuine and fitting replication, but London band Lunacre has managed to do just that. With their last EP “Pearl Tabloid” dropping earlier this year, the four piece (fronted by Ben de Vries) have created what can only be referred to as a collection of sad sonic cruisers. Well worth a listen for anyone wanting a modern spin on an old sound.

Why Care: If you’re burdened with loud bus journeys or long train rides, this band’s sound sits snug at the back of the head like a soft pillow on a hard seat.

Killer Track: “Red Sky”

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Edgar is a cooking enthusiast and an avid buyer of vinyl records, if he doesn’t pick up the phone it’s probably because he’s tucking into a scrumptious side of Tame Impala’s Lonerism (side B to be precise).
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