Hometown: London

About: It’s hard to uncover where Dreller got his influences from. With a tight concoction of pop, synth rock and a cinematic aesthetic, this artist is more of a task to pin down than that fu*king donkey tail at the summer fete! Originally discovered by Scottish group CHVRCHES, Dreller (real name Thomas Rawle) has been dropping track after track for a while now. Like breadcrumbs in a dark forest, where these titbits will eventually lead us is thus far a mystery – but if the future is anything like what we’ve heard so far we should all be pretty stoked to find out!

Why Care: It’s rare to find an artist with a sound entirely of his own creation, so when one comes along, we shouldn’t let them slip between the cracks!

Killer Track: “Control” / “I Feel Your Love”

More At: Worldofdreller.com





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Edgar is a cooking enthusiast and an avid buyer of vinyl records, if he doesn’t pick up the phone it’s probably because he’s tucking into a scrumptious side of Tame Impala’s Lonerism (side B to be precise).
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