Du Blonde

Du Blonde

Hometown: Newcastle upon Tyne

About: Having only recently come out as non-binary, it’s now clear that Du Blonde’s music has always been a venture into the mind of a person trying to get to grips with the world both inside and outside of themselves. Dark, loud and almost schizophrenic in nature, her songs explore every depth of her inner struggles, somehow churning them into small bite-size chunks of guitar-driven punk. She’s been on the scene under this pseudonym for just a few years now, but her name is criminally underplayed.

Why Care: The latest album “Lung Bread For Daddy” is not only a wonderfully written insight into the darkening world of depression, but it’s also a reason to dance, to rock out, and most importantly feel the remnant of hope that came with its creation.

Killer Track: “On The Radio”

More At: Dublonde.co.uk



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Edgar is a cooking enthusiast and an avid buyer of vinyl records, if he doesn’t pick up the phone it’s probably because he’s tucking into a scrumptious side of Tame Impala’s Lonerism (side B to be precise).
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