Hometown: London

About: Bright pink hair, ‘give no shits’ attitude, she typifies what it means to be young and her music reflects that. Off-the-wall electro beats marred with loud vocals, almost as if she were screaming the lyrics over the roar of nightclub vibrations rather than inside a studio. The whole act is ‘in yer face’; almost obnoxious, and that’s the point – youth should be celebrated, it -should- be screamed from the rooftops! We’ve all felt we ruled the world at one point; and Girli certainly rules hers right now.

Why Care: As an advocate of LGBT rights, Girli demonstrates what it means to be proud and free in your own skin, something we should all celebrate.

Killer Track: “Odd One Out”

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Edgar is a cooking enthusiast and an avid buyer of vinyl records, if he doesn’t pick up the phone it’s probably because he’s tucking into a scrumptious side of Tame Impala’s Lonerism (side B to be precise).
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