Shodo & Shakyo: Japanese calligraphy taster sessions @ Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Taking place in the Floating Worlds: Japanese Woodcuts exhibition as part of a programme of pop-up events and workshops promoting mindfulness, this is a rare opportunity to find a sense of peace as from 2-3pm you learn to write Japanese characters (Kanji) in Japanese calligraphy (Shodo), with instructions provided on how to use a traditional Japanese brush and ink.

Then from 3.30-4.30pm partake in the long-held tradition of Shakyo; copying 262 Japanese characters from the Buddhist Heart Sutra; an act carried out for over 1300 years across Japan, encouraging peace and  mindfulness.

Dates: Friday October 25th and Friday November 29th
Info: 2pm-4.30pm, beginner level, no equipment necessary.

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