Preview: Normanton Street, Green Door Store, August 17

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It’s always refreshing when a band comes along who try something different. Normanton Street occupy the place between Radio 1 r’n’b and provincial sidewalk rappers, pulling it off with a kind of cool that only existed in 1920s underground New York jazz clubs.
The vocal harmonies a tight, with each member occupying a different vocal style making it difficult to know who to listen to. It also doesn’t help that they swap instruments and lead vocal duties throughout their set, meaning if you don’t like one song, you’ve got a good chance you’ll find something you can groove to. Groove being the optimum word. The songs are so laid back; I’m surprised they don’t make their audience fall asleep. To stop yourself, listen out for the sax solos, northern raps about the evils of social media, and the best snare drum sound you’ll hear in Brighton (Why should guitarists get all the sound analysis?)
Also be sure to grab their free CD on the way home. It’s easy listening that’s easy on the wallet too.
7pm, August 17, The Green Door Store. Free Entry
For more info visit
Words by James Finburg

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