Release review: "Devil in Detail" – Devil in Detail, EP, Out Now

Since forming at the beginning of 2012, Devil in Detail have been gigging extensively around Brighton and the surrounding areas, building up a loyal fan base in the process. Drawing on pop and hard-rock influences, this five-piece take influence from the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age and Skunk Anansie, seamlessly blending powerful guitars and soaring vocal melodies with shifting dynamics and time signatures.
Hit play on their self-titled debut EP and opening track “Point Scoring” grabs your attention immediately with its catchy choruses and sense of urgency. Second track “Hospital Bed” shows a darker side to the band with its moody verses, epic choruses and crushing dynamics. The song also puts across a lot of genuine emotion, partly thanks to the EP being recorded live. Closing track “All Good Things” brings the pace back up with its groove heavy verses, instrumental solos and impressive vocal harmonies throughout, coming to quite an appropriate closure on the lyric “All good things come to an end.”
This is the sound of a band that has clearly taken the time to refine their sound, resulting in a coherent and engaging piece of work that showcases both the band’s song writing ability and musical talents to great length. It will be exciting to see where the band goes from here and I think we can expect even bigger things on their next release.
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Words by Sam Barnes


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