Check Out Harry Hannah With “Baby Don’t Look Back” – Is This A ‘Feel Good’ Break Up Song?!

Check Out Harry Hannah With “Baby Don’t Look Back” – Is This A ‘Feel Good’ Break Up Song?!

Could it be possible, that rarest of combos? We think so! Not all breakups are bitter after all!

If you’ve not yet heard of Harry Hannah, the independent folk singer/songwriter hails from the north end of Ontario’s Northumberland Hills, known by many as ‘The Cobourg Folkster’, with a rugged sense of charm and a lot to talk about, when he’s not skinny-dipping in rivers and running wild with the rabbits and wolves, he’s howling his sweet songs all the way from Cobourg to Alberta.

This alt-country track gallops and twangs it’s way through the bitter-sweetness of a break-up – an easy-going, somewhat perky new single telling the true story of a breakup he went through years ago.

“I was 23, coming to terms with love and loss. I had some dues to pay and time to spend, and so I wrote a new song,” Harry reflects. Speaking of his one-time love interest, he remembers: “Her path was promising and moving quick. I really didn’t feel the same about mine, and I needed to sort my life out in Ontario – relocating out West wasn’t an option for me. She was bound to mountains, while I was bound to the Great Lakes.”

It was sitting in a Cobourg café called the Black Cat that he penned the track one windy autumn morning – a coffee and a blueberry scone at his side. “I knew I had to do my best to keep my head up, not get bitter and just be nice. These lyrics almost worked as a reminder to that.” 

At the end of the song the narrator finds comfort in the idea of one day following his lost love: “Oh the sun falls on the dark ground – Oh I’m packing up my things and I’ll be coming for you now – In my old Chev truck it’ll do real well – I’ll find you in the mountains and we’ll run like hell….”

A perfect happy ending.

“Baby Don’t Look Back,” is from Hannah’s forthcoming album “The Wild Side of a Feel Good Town”, and available now.


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