Robots In Disguise

Robots In Disguise

Digital, 08 April 2010
The femmebots in subject pass me by just as they’re due on, dressed in matching blue suits they jump up on stage. Robots In Disguise have graced the front covers of countless fashion magazines honing into the electro-mod engines. The show looks fired up and ready to go. The bass is ringing all around and it starts like a stampede, the first can only followed by the last. The bass makes your ears bleed, and the audience loves it. Teenagers stand by, and almost implode into the speakers. It is, in a way, something like a Ting Tings gig. Standing there with Squier Fender guitars, it tells me behind this hedonistic sex machine, quite clearly lies, a hardworking tech support team. Indie driven rhythm slaves through the poor equipment. The sex brings it all up to speed.
RID formed in 2000 and have released three studio albums to date. Meeting at Liverpool University the band have a sophisticated swagger with endless amounts of indie electro. You may also recognise them off of that show The Mighty Boosh. They flickered themselves as the goth girls and incidentally the electro girls, showing some comedic acting. But it also seems as though they might have screamed themselves into a corner… but still luring the young into their synthetic dreams. The songs ‘Turn it Up’ and ‘The Sex Has Made Me Stupid’ were received well, the crowd being divided, some were dancing ferociously. Some were absorbing the bass, swaying to and throw, but some were boyish and pissed. At every interval, came a lurid comment.
Taken lightly RID’s antics are fun and exhilarating, they receive on the dance floor the energy they put into their performance, which is a lot. But for those with a more nervous disposition the band can seem alienating, but they’re mainly exciting.

What did you think of the gig?
Beca (left): “Really good, the outfits were sexy and full of energy.”
Misha (centre): “I’m a raging lesbian for them. No though, they were really good!”
Scarlett (right): “I didn’t really hate it, but, I didn’t really like it.”

Words by Niall Amor
Photography by Polly Hanrahan

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20th April 2010 4:20 pm

LOL Misha xD <3