Prince Albert, 11 February 2010
Ramona are a band cursed by the need to indulge in prolonged decadent choruses, singing about places they have never been. However, this could be unjust, the band do have a slight air to them, are they people of the world? Do their choruses spark certain romanticism, good things for the songs, something I just fail to grasp? I would have to let you decide, pop down to one of the many concerts, they will be there. Lamp lit hands will be hovering over pints, yes, to let you decide.
Fronted by a woman, the band oozes sex and rock’n’roll. The guitars lay backbone to the music, a punk band for sure. As the snare drum accents the vocals, it sends the lyrics (for which I cannot for the life of me, remember) into further importance. Aha yes. She wails, “you don’t want me, you don’t need me”, an angst band? If so, then the angst is minimally driven by their emotions. Because their four chord sequences say something else, a modern descent into adulthood.
Harmonics ring out on their next song, they hit the walls opposite, rebound into the bass line, this rises, so does the verse. Hitting heavily onto the ceiling then drops the chorus. Again, ostentatiously large, but perhaps effective. And then there is the treble driven guitars. This all dances around in an almost Shania Twain-like fashion, but y’know, in a good way.  Also, one thing I failed to mention but will do so now, is the similarity between Ramona and The Ramones. Hehehhe, again in a good way. Just looking on their MySpace, they have an extensive tour ahead of them. I recommend you check out this band for sure. Be it in London or Brighton, you should do it.
Words by Niall Amor

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