Local Natives

Local Natives

Concorde 2, 26 February 2010
Local Natives shook the foundations of Concorde 2 as they gave a performance which will only enhance their reputation as the next big thing in the indie music scene. With amazing harmonies, at times involving all members of the five-piece, but usually coming from the voices of keyboard player Kelcey Ayer and moustached guitarist Taylor Rice, Local Natives music managed to grab hold of the eager audience and wow them right from the start.
Playing tracks from their debut album Gorilla Manor which was released last November, the band needed no introduction and opened with the drum led, ‘Camer Talk’. Seemingly lost in each others voices, they steamed through the crowds cheers and waited until the third track before greeting the audience.
Clearly enjoying themselves the band played with huge energy and huge smiles. Taylor Rice explained to the audience, that coming from sun kissed L.A , “it’s simply just great to be back by the sea”, and in a totally relaxed fashion as if they were jamming back at home, they played a cover of the Talking Heads song ‘Warning Sign’. Singing perfectly in time over the funky beats of two drummers, the band showed off their astounding musical ability.
Next came crowd favourites ‘Wide Eyes’ and ‘Airplanes’ which only further cemented the feel good atmosphere that had engulfed the whole venue. The band tried to end their set with, ‘Sun Hands’. The lyrics were belted out by all members over the top of fast guitars and strong drums. This track oozed rock and roll and hyped the crowd into a frenzied mob screaming for more.
Politely and happily Local Natives responded and played an encore. This track, a new one, which shows that this band are not done yet, was just as tight and tuneful as the others, Almost the opposite of ‘Sun Hands’ the this used gentle guitars underneath a soothing harmony to bring the crowd back down to earth. As Local Natives finally left the stage, the venue was ringing with huge applause, as the crowd showed their appreciation to a truly brilliant show.

What did you think of the gig?

Emma: 10/10 “They were amazing, completely blew me away”
Kirsten: 10/10 “ They are a fantastic live band”
Jon: 10/10 “ They are the best band I’ve seen in a long while”
Jacques: “That was great, I’m speechless”
Words by Michael Ruffles

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