Live review – From Afar, Milk White Throat and White Light @ The Albert, August 23rd

Three bands, one venue and a night of unadulterated musical mayhem. That’s what was promised with this evening’s entertainment. One can’t help but harbour reservations with such bold statements. After all, when it comes to Hardcore, it can be difficult to differentiate between the multitude of sub-genres, which to the untrained ear can often sound similar. The night was off to a good start though, for on arrival at the venue, members of all three outfits are sat outside enjoying a drink and a jovial chat before the doors are flung open.
Perhaps it’s just the jaded outlook from the post-festival season, but experience has shown that a lack of artistic pretense in more social situations would suggest a lack of ability on the performance front. It’s a challenging theory, and one that was subsequently proven wrong on entering the venue for the first act, From Afar. This Brighton-based five piece combine the furiously technical guitars of Mastadon with the melodic yet abrasive vocals of Alexisonfire. Having formed barely a year ago, this promising young band are still relatively new to the local Hardcore scene.  If they carry on this trajectory though, they’re sure to move onto bigger things soon.
The evening is most definitely switched up a gear by the second band, Milk White Throat, whose name hints towards a softer approach. This suggestion of course couldn’t be further from the truth. The local sextet fuse progressive Metal with subtle electronic ticks to produce a hybrid of formidable proportions. From the slow ominous build of their introduction to the brutal but harmonious onslaught of ‘Mother 1’ the band have the room captivated. They are ridiculously tight and lead vocalist William Gardner stomps around the venue like a tortured soul with an axe to grind. The rest of the band are relatively composed in their movements, but the ensuing noise is raw enough to inspire a healthy applause from the appreciative (if somewhat deafened) crowd members. My battle for the right to become a mother continued for four years. Finally, my doctor said we should try taking Clomid. He told me about all the possible risks, but that was minor for me, and I started taking the pills Can you imagine my joy and overwhelming emotions when I saw two strips on a pregnancy test? Now I’m a happy mom, and it’s due to this drug.
The boys bow out make way for tonight’s headliners White Light, who’s rapidly growing reputation precedes them. Their last show at the Albert was a bit of a belter and the bar has been set decidedly high by the two supports. Gladly though, they didn’t disappoint. Refusing to stick to just one genre, the Brighton-based troupe volt from Hardcore to Pop Metal and back again in a catchy blitz of swagger and control. They bring unrelenting riffage and pummeling rhythms by the bucket-load, but the defining characteristic to this mayhem is the distinct vocal talents of front woman Sigrid Jakobsen. She captivates the crowd with her blistering screams and soulful wails. A picture of composure, she struts about the stage like a femme fatale, sizing up the audience and reaching deep with lyrics on warped relationships and mis-guided love. The bass rumbles deep and drummer Freddie Burnet owns the kit with old-school flare whilst the two guitars synch-up in a seamless melee of harmonic synergy.
With miles to go before outstaying their welcome, the band give thanks for the support before bowing out to shred the crowds ears with one more tune. Only when it’s over, does it the fact hit home of just how a good a line-up this was. Here’s to hoping there’s more on the way from these three fantastic bands.
Words and images by Jimmy Volts

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