Ambassadeurs, Throw Some Shapes, Fortune Of War, July 22

Those of you who like your music on the more experimental side will most likely have already heard of Brighton based promotions/record company ‘Throw Some Shapes’. You’ll probably also know that when it comes to upcoming talent, these guys really know their onions.
They deal with only the most forward thinking and progressive DJs and producers around, putting on events of outstanding electronica like ‘Interpretations Live’, a regular night of beats and bass that will expand your mind (if it doesn’t blow it that is).
Tonight’s event at the infamous capsized boat features a host of local production talent. But it’s the headliner who we’re really looking forward to. Since making his music available to download for free via his Soundcloud account, Brighton-based producer/DJ Ambassadeurs (AKA Mark Dobson) has been making waves in the local press. And for good reason too.

Latest tracks by Ambassadeurs

This unassuming twenty-four year old has blurred the lines of modern electronica with his musical exploits, tearing leaves from numerous genres including Dubstep, IDM and Hip Hop and creating his own unique signature sound in the process.
Descriptively, it’s pretty difficult to define. If the minimal Bass led music of James Blake is indeed the ‘quiet revolution’ critics have labeled it as, then Dobson’s beats are surely an antidote to the opiate trend.
God knows where he gets his inspiration from. There are so many sub-genre’s at work here that it can be difficult to keep up. Regardless, his tunes go down a storm, earning him adulation from the modest but enthused crowd.
‘M.O.P.E’ is an absolute work of genius, with chiming slanted rhythms and some sublime sample manipulation of a female Soul vocal that sits somewhere between Aretha Franklin and Rosie Gaines.
Other standout moments include ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’, featuring a much straighter cut and paste sample of Marvin Gaye’s smooth and classy vocal.
As he mouths the words, Dobson barely acknowledges this audience. Not in a pompous way. He’s just so into what he’s doing that his eyes stay firmly fixed on his laptop and mixer, splitting beats and melodies like atoms in a vacuum and re-constructing them into dazzlingly futuristic shards that leave you utterly mesmerised and strangely refreshed.
Ambassadeurs vibrant 8-bit synth line’s and crystalline production are so full of texture that it’s literally an assault on the senses. The modest but impressive sound system at Fortune Of War allows Dobson to let rip with all manner of colours and thankfully the rolling bass is satisfyingly tangible, rumbling your head without any tacky membrane-melting saw-tooths that so many other Dubstep DJ’s are using.
Be sure to keep an eye on this talented young producer, because he is most definitely a man on the rise. Catch him live while you can!

Words By Jimmy Volts.

Shots by Kriator

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