Interview: Fun Lovin' Criminals

Interview: Fun Lovin' Criminals

It’s been twenty years since the release of Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ debut album “Come Find Yourself”.
To celebrate, the band unveil an expanded deluxe edition this month, as well as performing the record in its entirety on a UK tour. Jimmy Volts caught up with frontman Huey Morgan to reflect on the early days, his work ethic and love…
With an ambitiously creative blend of hip hop, rock, funk, jazz and soul, FLC crashed onto the UK scene during the mid-nineties britpop movement.
They were completely different to everything on mainstream radio at the time, so surely they must’ve felt like outsiders.
“Hell yeah, we did! We weren’t really conscious of what style we were. We just had a strong idea of what we liked. We were playing festivals and becoming friends with lots of bands who’d ask what the fuck it was we were doing. I’d say, ‘we’re just doing us, man. This is what we do. I don’t know what it is.’ Music’s not supposed to be easy to explain with words, y’know?”
Perhaps the reason for their somewhat indefinable sound was the fact they were given free-reign to write, record and produce their debut record independently despite signing to a major label – something almost unheard of in those days. “Initially, Capitol Records wanted Bob Power (the Roots, De La Soul) to produce. But he told us we didn’t need him! He said we had a great idea of what to do and he didn’t wanna mess that up, which was nice ’cause he could’ve just taken the money. We booked a studio and tracked everything to tape in about five days. We wanted to get it done quickly ’cause we thought Capitol were gonna change their minds on us! I’m glad we did that because it broadened our horizons as producers.”
This month sees the release of their deluxe anniversary edition of the LP, which features exclusive remixes, live recordings and a DVD. So, what was it like re-visiting the record where it all started?
“It felt like hangin’ out with an old buddy! It all came back to us with every turn of the dial. We thought it’d be good to give the fans extra stuff which we thought was really cool that wasn’t on the original release.”
“Come Find Yourself” went on to achieve multi-platinum status, paving the way for ongoing success for the band. And of course, Huey’s since carved out his own career as a BBC radio presenter. Could he ever have predicted such a thing?
“Woah! I don’t present. I DJ! A lot of people who ‘present’ a radio show just get told what to play. I select every track myself. Where I come from, a presenter is someone who goes up there and does what they’re told. I’ve never been the dude who does what he’s told.” (Laughs).
Despite the faux-gangster image he portrays, all you have to do is listen to the FLC single “Love Unlimited” to understand Huey knows a thing or two about love. As a family man, we couldn’t resist asking Huey about his thoughts and plans for Valentine’s Day 
this month.
“I’ve been married for a long time and I’ve two wonderful children so I’m obviously doing somethin’ right! I always let my lady know I don’t take her for granted. I try to do somethin’ special every day. So when Valentine’s day comes, we do something a little extra special to reinforce that love.”
We’re glad to hear Huey’s heart’s 
in the right place. And equally 
glad to know that as well as the record re-release, this month 
sees FLC touring the UK to 
play the record in its entirety, 
plus a few extra classics thrown 
Altogether now, “runnin’ 
around, robbin’ banks all 
whacked off on scooby snacks.”

You can catch Fun Lovin’ 
Criminals at Worthing 
Pavilion Theatre on 
Friday February 12.
Tickets are now completely sold out!
“Come Find Yourself” anniversary edition is out Feb 19
Words by Jimmy Volts

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