Preview: Crisis Warning, Brighton Youth Centre, September 28

Are bands getting younger and younger? First The Strypes, now Crisis Warning? What next? The Arctic Toddlers? Babyshambles? Oh wait…
The band, who are under 18, have had trouble finding promoters to put them on in Brighton, so in a bold step, have taken matters into their own hands and organised an all-ages show at the Brighton Youth Centre in Kemptown.
Expect a high energy punk night, with support from femme fatales The Cottard Delusion, and the shoegazing of Grasshopper. Finishing off nicely with some groove metal from the delightful Asperitas (Yes they’re named after a land breathing snail. METAL!)
Underestimate at your peril. This is serious music (and they’re probably a lot better than your mate’s band). Just don’t buy anyone a beer…
7pm, September 28, Brighton Youth Centre, £3, ALL AGES!
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Words by JDF

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