The Dissident exhibition, Media Centre, Saturday February 7


This exhibition of work by The Dissident, Shanghai artist Zhou Ming, joined this year by Brighton­-based artist Jim Sanders, will search for proximity in the work of two artists placed at a distance culturally, artistically and geographically.

The exhibition will focus primarily on the inherent conflicts embedded in the search for an individuality free of narcissism. Sanders’ imagery, squeezed by the extremes of an over indulged society, will be answered by Zhou Ming’s haunting phantoms of societal suppression.
A conversation in exchange, the exhibition will create a lasting cultural dialogue between Brighton and Shanghai.
See below for the program of related events to discuss, in person, the motivations of the artists and curators for collaborating on a project of this kind.
7pm, £FREE

Accompanying program of events:

Panel talk with Q&A­ participating artists and curators
 08/02/15­ 2:30pm
Guided tours with artists and curator
 09/02/15­ 6:30pm
 10/02/15­ 6:30pm
“Ghost Faces” artist workshop with Jim Sanders
 12/02/15­ 6:30pm
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