The Omnia Scroll Exhibition @ Jubilee Library; Wed Dec 12

The Omnia Scroll Exhibition @ Jubilee Library; Wed Dec 12

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The Omnia Scroll Exhibition @ Jubilee Library; Wednesday December 12

Extended beyond the original final date (today) for a further six days, the exhibition is the first in an annual international collective exhibition and features a collaborative art scroll.

Set to tour the world each year, the collective will connect artists, exhibitors, galleries and the public in local communities and beyond. Each original work will become a part of the larger collaborative piece, creating the eponymous Omnia Scroll, a perpetually expanding living creation.

The purpose of the Scroll is to explore the relationship of all things (Omnia is Latin for all things) and how they interconnect with each other and the Earth.

The show draws inspiration from the ancient world and modern science, studying the connections and parallels between them, and promote the works, drawing connections between them and a broad audience, as well as between the audience themselves.

For more information on the exhibition and its art see

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