Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Fri Nov 11

Emerging from a party in the mid-2000s, at a time when Dermody performed in bands Spider Vomit and Divorced, he was earning his place on the art scene in Melbourne.
Spending more time on his current band (named for his mum’s fave soap, yep; Neighbours) the debut album “Para Vista Social Club” was first released in a limited edition with only a couple of hundred hand-painted LPs via Untapped Resources in 2010, and later reissued on Critical Heights and Bedroom Suck.
With a change of scenery to New York, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding became an established band and released “Any Port In A Storm” in 2013 on Fire Records and Bedroom Suck. June 2016 brought with it new EP “Delivered” and then their third album “Mid-Thirties Single Scene” came in September.
£7 adv.,7:30pm -10pm.


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