Festival Name: Colourfest
Location: Gaunts House, Dorset.

When: Thursday June 1 – Sunday June 4
Tickets prices:
From £140 for Weekend tickets.

About the event: Based in the beautiful Dorset countryside lies a festival with Yoga rooted at its core. The four day event promises to be an experience that is playful, deep and insightful and is filled with music, art, theatre and DJs. The organisers Rowan Cobelli and Robbie Newman are two full time yoga teachers who have filled this years event with an eclectic program “to calm, activate, connect and inspire”, whilst being led by a host of great musicians and tutors dedicated to their respective paths. The music lineup features The Turbans, Indian Air, Carrie Tree and many more, who all will be providing beautiful music and songs to feed your body and soul. The Woodland Cathedral will provide a great natural space for those looking to move, dance and breath to “insatiable rhythms and inspired sounds”. As it is a family friendly festival, it’s alcohol free and has fun filled kids program located at the Treehouse Theatre. The area caters for children of all ages and encourages them to make friends, be creative and imaginative whilst playing with arts and crafts. You can expect the usual festival accommodation here such as camping and camper van facilities; but for those looking for a more extravagant experience there’s also accommodation in Gaunt House itself – which is great if you don’t want to be at the mercy of British summer weather!


Age Limits: All
Don’t miss this event because: If you’ve ever longingly looked at old photos or video footage of Glastonbury this festival is possibly the closest you’ll get to experience something similar to those founding years. A festival that’s genuinely good for the mind, body and soul… who knew they existed?!


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