The Imbeciles, ‘Self Titled’ Album Review, out March 27th

The Imbeciles, ‘Self Titled’ Album Review, out March 27th

Sometime last year, somewhere out on the sweaty border of Mexico, a trio of musicians came together to create what can only be described as a concoction of chaos – such is the schizophrenic nature of The Imbeciles’ self-titled debut album.

Written about an incoming dystopia, the tracks swerve from calm to calamity and then back to calm again, almost as if written from the viewpoint of someone peeking through closed fingers at a fiery future.


It’s a ride of a listen, with songs lasting around two minutes and guitars ripping through each one; so fuzzed and distorted they give the album an almost rabid nature.

For any heavy rock fan wanting to head bang into oblivion, this is a must-listen. But for those who prefer something softer with a promise that everything will be fine, I’d keep your fingers closed for this one. After all, not everyone will want a peek at The Imbeciles’ wasteland of a future.

The debut album’s out March 27th, and be sure to catch them here in Brighton at The Hope and Ruin on April 19th. Check out the event details in XYZ’s Online Event Guide

My rating: 7/10

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