Release Review: “Summer Camp” – Summer Camp, Album, out now

Summer may be over, but why not hold on to the last rays of sunshine with the latest eponymous release from the twee pop twosome on Moshi Moshi.
Like most pop/indie-pop albums currently doing the rounds, this has an eighties atmosphere to it,  from the reverb drenched drums to the obvious synths. It features some catchy tracks early on, such as “Fresh” and “Crazy”. However, as the album progresses, it all gets a bit lacklustre.
Elizabeth Sankey’s voice is a personal highlight, treading the fine line between cute and diva perfectly. She can do Blondie on “Pink Summer”, Kate Bush on “I Got You”, (which features a tight duet with husband and bandmate, Jeremy Warmsley) sultry on “Dust” and executes a nice change of pace in ballad, “Fighters”. These highlight her incredible range and ability to evoke varied emotions, lacking from many of today’s one dimensional female vocalists.
Summer Camp put on a great live performance, coming off stage, singing in the audience and involving the crowd. You can really sense the chemistry between them and it’s this which feels missing on the album, many of the songs seeming incomplete and drawn out (“Two Chords”).
Another gripe; Why self-title your second release when your debut, “Welcome To Condale”, already has a track called “Summer Camp”? It’s confusing, unnecessary and unimaginative.
In summary, (excuse the pun) Summer Camp’s “Summer Camp” seems, at first, like an easy going pop vacation, but descends into a forgettable, drawn out school holiday, which makes you glad when it’s over and you can go back to work.
5/10. Out Now. JDF
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