David Bronson – Story – Mon Jan 7

David Bronson – Story – Mon Jan 7

The first (technically second) of a two-part series, ‘Story’ gives out 11 tracks from the 22 planned for fans. The first half of the pair to be released, ‘Story’ will be followed up by ‘The Long Lost’ in 2013, a prequel album which will finish off ‘The Long Lost Story’ project. Eponymous technicalities aside, the album is an emotional crucible of sound. From the off-kilter approach of Times, sounding slightly like Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters fame, to Us’s more melancholy crooning, the album is a potent delivery of heart and soul.

Check out Times below.

It’s a powerful start, and stands as something of a query to what more emotional sounding ‘The Long Lost’ will actually consist of.


For more on David Bronson, check out his website at davidbronsonmusic.com

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