Album: W-H-I-T-E (White Horses In Technicolor Everywhere) – “Sunna”
Like a David Bowie vision, twisted by experiences from the future and spatial dreams. It is almost like what the drum machine is to modern music, futuristic, emanating paranoia of artificial intelligence. But alas, it is not all doom and gloom, on the contrary. Sounding like MGMT and Empire of The Sun in places, it hums happiness but don’t expect mildly synth edged pop music. This is full out electronica (perhaps a Dan Deacon or Eero Johannes reference is viable). The song ‘Cosmic Dragon’ is exactly what it sounds like, monumental and trippy… dreamy like golden beaches. So draw the curtains, turn up the stereo (no, not to 11) and sit back for the trip.
“Sunna” is released on January 28.
Words by Niall Amor

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  • 8th February 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Brilliant review! Niall writes beautifully I almost felt I was there. I loved the bit ‘dreamy like golden beaches’ aaah lovely!


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