SFX Weekender

SFX Weekender

Pontins, 5 February 2010
First SFX Weekender has landed…
SFX Magazine launched their first sci-fi convention weekend at Pontins, Camber Sands. There was not a huge amount of famous actors but perhaps that is to be expected from the virgin run, however overall the weekend was a huge success with over three thousand fans in attendance.
The most popular star there had to be James Marsters from Buffy and Torchwood fame. He spent the entire day patiently meeting his fans and signing autographs before taking the stage for a fan Q&A session which revealed some interesting details such as he would rather get intimate on film with John Barrowman than Sarah Michelle Gellar! There was an illuminating story about how Marsters accidentally cut his leg and Barrowman helped him to keep this under wraps by hiring his private physician to stitch him up in secret in his trailer. Apparently the secret ingredient to on screen chemistry is not passion – which can be obstructive. Marsters explained the best on screen kisses come from trust, not lust.
The author David Moody was in attendance with the recent news that none other than Guillermo Del Toro is producing the film of his book ‘Hater’. It looks like he is going to be experiencing an even more dramatic rise in fame than he has already had which saw him rise from oblivion thanks to his online marketing strategy of making his zombie novel ‘Autumn’, available for free download.
There were not as many crazy fans as you would expect at this type of event, with the exception perhaps of the very enthusiastic Obi Wan who wowed us with his light sabre and lit up mouth guard who was reminiscent of the YouTube sensation ‘Star Wars Kid’. The stilt walkers were fabulous in various costumes from army girls to snake charmers.
There were several stalls selling autographs, comic books and t-shirts, but there will probably be a marked increase in the available merchandise when the convention reaches its second year. One of the most interesting stalls was Ian Rankin’s, an author and Brighton resident.  He sold not only his books but also gorgeous steampunk jewellery that was both reasonably priced and beautifully handmade. The game rooms greatest draw was the new Alien Vs Predator game on the Play Station 3 which was limited to 10 minutes play per person, to manage the queues of people desperate to try it out before its release date.
The tickets were a little pricey but worth it if you wanted to have a great, interactive sci-fi weekend!


Jez: “I am in love with this weekend!”
Jim and Rich: “The best bit had to be meeting James Marsters”
Lady Raygun: 10/10 “The best bit for me was looking at all the fabulous costumes, I shall be in full steampunk corset attire later tonight!”
Craig Roberts: 7/10 “I could have spent all day on the Alien Vs Predator game, it was awesome!”
Words by Emma O’Brennan-Pizer

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