Saxon Shore

Freebutt, January 13 2010.
The members of Saxon Shore display formidable musical prowess. Starting each song softly and gradually building up in volume and intensity. The music from this post rock band is very cinematic and emotive, producing layered sound scapes and they clearly love what they are doing. They have great presence on stage, the drummer is one of the most jubilant I have seen in a while. They could certainly hold their own on record within this sub-genre. Where I think they start to fall down, in a live sense, is that the other bands playing this kind of music are all on a backing track, so it all starts to seem formulaic and slightly too impersonal. Where they do start to carve their own path is with the use of major scales and upbeat motifs that set them apart from a lot of the newer post rock types. An enjoyable show, and great promise from this energetic band.
Words by Matt McCartney
Photography by Frankie Jones

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  • 14th February 2010 at 6:14 pm

    are there any photos of the support band Atlases from this show?


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