Elliot Minor

Elliot Minor

Concorde 2, 26 June 2010
Maccadano, maccadano, dano dano dano. These are some of the words you won’t hear at an Elliot Minor gig. Others include “you’re not alone” and “I’m falling too deep.” Just kidding, these are, of course, things you’ll hear at an Elliot Minor gig. Apart from the “maccadano” part but a man can dream!
I shimmy to the gig just in time to see Elliot Minor come on stage (the traffic from London was appalling) and I creep up to the side of the venue to endeavour to understand what this band is about.
Hands belonging to young girls and boys are flung into the air; eager beavers. The end of a generation and yet so young – only a beer or two in sight. And the second the first song is finished, the audience screams high pitched screams, slightly reminiscent of an early Beatles gig. It hurts my ears and is louder than the band them selves.
But it seems Elliot Minor feel slightly more than “elliot minor r fking awsum” and offer a professional feel to the pop plunged emo songs they seem to take to the stage quite amiably. Elliot Minor are like a watered down rock band, but they pack dangerously charming modulations and sickly sweet melodies to reel in those infant ears.
So, let’s talk about one of their singles, one that’s been hovering in and out of the top 40. “Parallel Worlds.” The name itself screams a sort of post apocalyptic emo-spasm, and it begins with something similar too. The slight drone of a synth; a tune that could be taken out of a PG horror movie and then the mediocre drop, followed by Darkness-style cod metal guitar solos, and bursts of surf guitar – and the emo. It lacks cohesion, that’s for sure. It drifts around aimlessly for quite a while, without ever having a quintessential sound for the band. It’s not bad, but if Elliot Minor wants to stay in the game they’re going to have to give their fans a bit more.

Words by Niall Amor

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30th June 2010 6:54 pm

You have some interesting points here regarding the band, although, being someone who was at this gig (and also someone with said beer in their hand) I can assure you there were a lot more older generation people than I think you’re assuming. You’ve made some fair points, however, Parallel Worlds is a very old song – very, very old. It’s unfair to pick apart that song given it’s age and the fact the band were a lot younger when they wrote it. Their newer songs are a better reflection of what the band will be giving to their crowd… Read more »