Geeky gadgets to buy at the shops

Geeky gadgets to buy at the shops

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Induction Speaker
This USB/AA battery-powered little beauty requires neither leads nor bluetooth for you to share your music, so don’t worry about broken audio jacks or your mate Lee hijacking your connection to play Simply Red’s greatest hits (why are you still friends with Lee anyway?…). Instead, you simply sit your phone on top, whack on a tune and the “cutting-edge, near-field” induction technology amplifies it out of the 5 watt speaker. Pretty neato! …of course Lee could just stick his phone on top, soooo… Buy this, ditch Lee. Done.

Everything Chair
Some people would have you believe Christmas is about family and love and giving and whilst those things are great, it’s predominantly about time off work or school to sit in a chair, eat too much, drink too much and watch TV….endless, brilliant, awful TV.
The everything chair allows you to indulge these passions with minimal getty-upness and without breaking the bank like the original La-Z-Boys do. There’re pockets for your phone, mp3 player, the remote, the TV listings mags… sunken cup-holders on each armrest mean you can keep an ice-cold beer on one side and then on the other side…you can have another ice-cold beer!!!
Headrest speakers will make you feel like you’re actually dancing on ice with the stars of Coronation Street or cause you to weep uncontrollably at the latest John Lewis ad. There are really only two drawbacks we can think of with this inflatable badboy: You still need to get up for the toilet and should you drop your fork during dinner, the ensuing blast may send you out the window!

You know the bit at the end of “The Snowman” where he melts? You know, the bit where you burst into tears every year and mum says maybe you have had enough brandy after all? Well, what if there was some kind of high-tech training device you could use year-round to prepare you for that sense of loss, but also reassure you that even loss is impermanent. A reminder; that which is undone can be reborn. Life can find meaning once more? If we’re losing you here, allow us to put it another way. What if you could buy a lump of play-doh in the shape of a snowman which slowly melts on your desk at work, until it’s just a squishy puddle with twig arms and a carrot nose sticking out…BUT, which then allows you to rebuild him once more! YAAAAAY!… except then he melts again. Ok, we see a depressing pattern forming. Maybe don’t give this to that friend of yours with OCD…

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