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Bègayer + Sourdure

Bègayer + Sourdure


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7:30 PM

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The Rose Hill

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We are overjoyed to bring back one of our favourite international acts that has played here!

We are overjoyed to bring back one of our favourite international acts that has played here!

“another superb example of the inventiveness and delicious impurity of the current French folk scene. Voices are unfettered, pushed to near-breaking point, percussion is thrashed and guitars are like a wire wool scrub for the ears – and it’s thoroughly invigorating” . The Quietus

Bégayer are a French trio who play original compositions that rely heavily on improvised sections. Their sound has influences of Gnawa and Arabic music as well as inhabiting Avant -folk /Punk sensibilities and so much more. They have a brand new quintet called ‘ÉVOHÉ BÈGUE’ in which they use French chanson, noises, rumours of distant and early music, short and cruel poems, handcrafted instruments, radio-amplifiers, circuit bending and other wasted electronic devices.

They are :Loup Uberto : voice, lutes, begena, bagpipesAlexis Vinéïs : drums, percussions (sati, qraqeb, gardon)Lucas Ravinale : voice, begena, tamburelli, sound objectsJean-Philippe Curtelin : drums, percussions (surdo, sati, qraqeb,gardon)Etienne Foyer : sound, miking, spatialization

Their mission is (in French translated to English) : in the name of those without tradition, the rejects of a culture of scarcity born in the twilight of popular customs amidst the screams of noise on village squares and in the flow of digital swarms– is to create a hitherto unknown genre of hybrid gypsy rhapsody.


Ernest Bergez brings electronic and acoustic instruments together into a logic of hybridization. He has been an active part of several adventurous groups (Orgue Agnès, Kaumwald, Tanz Mein Herz),

Solo under the name of Sourdure, he delves in the traditional repertoire of the Massif Central area and develops an idiosyncratic form of songwrinting, in French and Occitan. His approach is found at the junction between a spirit of experimentation, a practice of violin playing and singing rooted in popular tradition, a poetic research in Franco-Occitan bilingualism and a long habit of cooking with various electronic tools. Sourdure continues his quest for unusual poetic and sonic forms on De Mòrt Viva, a concept album thought as a divinatory system, to be released by Pagans, Les Disques du Festival Permanent and Murailles Music in April 2021. Listen to new album here.

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