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Location: Lighthouse
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A space for you to reflect, refocus and reframe. Are you struggling to work out the next steps? Let’s work together to refigure it out. After one of these group sessions, one woman finally quit her job and set up her own business. Others have regained confidence and focus.
Rachel Finch of Brighton Digital Women said:”Rifa is one of the most caring and intuitive people I have ever worked with. Her wellness workshops and coaching have helped direct my path and inform my purpose. I would highly recommend her sessions and workshops to anyone looking to get back in touch with themselves and others on a meaningful level.”
“I can’t thank you enough for last night – I can’t believe how energised and positive I felt after what had been such a negative and depleting day yesterday.” Katie Warrener, University of Brighton
“Really enjoyed last night – completing some of the exercises, I can see where I have progressed from last time, which is refreshing and exciting to see where and when I will go next!” Vicky King, Plus Accounting
“It really was a fantastic session and you managed to find a way to make it feel very personal even in that group setting. I left with such a positive lift emotionally and that has stayed with me.” Helen Hurst, Kineo
“I really do have more clarity and purpose after the workshop and am setting more intents in my micro actions. On a subtle level I think the workshop catalyses healing in me. Thank you Rifa, we need these workshops” Mariam Crichton, Wired Sussex director.

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Event Capacity: 60

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