Wake Up!!

Wake Up!!

At a glance, drum and bass nights in Brighton (and for this, we will include all sub genres and dubstep for arguments sake) fall into two categories; good venue, good DJ with pricey drinks/tickets OR free entry, cheap drinks, grimy venue, rubbish DJs, lots of K heads.

If you (like many) have dreamed of better days, where the entry was free, the club was shiny, the drinks were minimally priced, the music was top notch and the people had facial expressions, then it’s time to Wake Up. New monthly night Wake Up hit the scene earlier this week at club KuKu, (still a relatively new venue for those of you who don’t get out much, but it’s tucked away in Pool Valley) which has all the amiable qualities of the best clubs around, and some good music on the horizon.

If things stay the same there may well end up being a certain level of irony related to your Wednesday mornings soon enough, Wake Up… and smell the hangover.

Wake Up is on the last Tuesday of every month, with the next one on 24th of November.



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John Rutter
John Rutter
30th October 2009 1:20 am

Just meant to stick my head in to have a look – ended up staying all night! Sick tunes!! I certainly won’t miss the next one.