Album: The Beatsteaks – Limbo Messiah

Album: The Beatsteaks – Limbo Messiah
The three-year wait for this album is finally over. Initially just released in Europe and not in the UK, “Limbo Messiah” explodes onto the music scene in all its catchy, punk rock glory. Each song follows on from the last, like they are meant to be stitched together as one. Harmonies and melodies feature throughout the album, both in vocal lines and guitar parts.
Opener “As I Please” throws together melodic vocals, chugging riffs and lovely guitar licks seamlessly. This flows well onto the second song, and new single “Jane Became Insane.” This song is full of attitude, gritty vocals and driving guitar riffs.
“Sharp Cool and Collected” goes back to their raw punk rock roots, fast, anarchic drums, attitudinal vocals and erratic guitar.
One song that takes this album into a softer direction is “Meantime.” Not as raw as the other songs on the album, this song has softer, intricate guitar playing and has the feel of a radio friendly song. The album is emotional and passionate in parts; “Demons Galore” illustrates this well. Singer Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss sings: “I’ve got mine and you’ve got yours.” Lines like this show the bands vulnerability with battling their demons, like every other person on the street.
“Cut Off The Top” takes the album into a different direction altogether. Ska-esque in the guitar style, heavy driving bass-lines and drumming which you could mistake for a drum machine. This is definitely a fresh change of music for these guys, especially as they seem to have stuck to the same formula for years.
“E-G-O” is dark yet catchy, with the same varying vocal lines which are a staple in this album. Ending the album the same way it started, catchy and explosive.
Fans may take a couple of listens to really warm to this album, especially if they are in love with their old albums. On the other side of the coin, the band have headed in a new, fresh direction.
9/10. Out 12 July 2010
Words by Jo Hayes

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