Top Music Tips From Industry Taste-makers with 7pm Management – April 2013

Seven Webster & Claire Lloyd from music management company 7pm ask the industry which acts we should look out for.

Adam Lewis – (Planetary Group) Gung Ho Both singles “Twin Rays” and “Side by Side” from this Australian indie guitar act have been successful down under, and have received a huge amount of airplay on Australia’s best radio station Triple J. If you’re into loose, jangly guitars and soft, layered vocals, accompanied by interesting videos, then check out this band. It’s early days, but I think we are going to be hearing a lot more of them in the near future.

Diane Young(Starfisch Records / Sony Radio Academy Events) Scarlette Fever  is an act that has been bubbling away for a while now and she’s definitely my tip for 2013. She’s already had a lot of Radio 2 play and has been playlisted twice. Her new album which has just been produced by Newton Faulkner’s producer Julian Emery is from the tracks I have heard so far sounding incredible so I am excited to here it in full. Track to listen to – Hour of Sunshine
Steve Wheeler– (Rock City Radio) The Temperance Movement (Unsigned). If you’re a lover of great classic rock acts like Free and Bad Company then look no further. With the qualities, musicianship and the vocal talents needed to deliver on every level, if their live performances can match their songs and video clips. Vocally their singer possesses all of the qualities of a Paul Rogers or Chris Robins (the Black Crowes). Their music emulates what has been before, but they’re one of the best sounding bands I have come across in a while.
Ray Jackson(Editor -Heavy Sounds Magazine) Undersmile The Shakspere’s Sister of the Doom metal scene, looking like they’ve walked out of the film “The Shining”, this female-fronted act are one of the most interesting bands to emerge out of the UK Doom Scene. For Doom metal with a difference look no further, the heavy almost Psalm-like chanted vocals would sit beautifully in an Omen Soundtrack.
Seven Webster(7pm Management) Viza  An LA based rock act fusing traditional Greek music and melodies, they have an Oud player in the band, with more contemporary aggressive rock . The end result is brilliant. Having just seen them get an entire room of people doing the Conga unprompted at Hammerfest Festival, their infectious party-style music is a guaranteed great evening and if they’re playing near you, go and see this act! You won’t be disappointed. If you like bands like Gogol Bordello then Viza is definitely for you.

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