Interview: Pale Honey  "We felt the good vibe of London"

Interview: Pale Honey "We felt the good vibe of London"

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, minimalist garage rock duo Pale Honey recently released their self titled debut album. Jimmy Volts caught up with members Tuva Lodmark & Nelly Daltry for an insight into what band-life is like for them…
Describe your sound in 
three words:

“Raw, laid-back and intense.”  

What are your biggest influences as a band?

”We listen to PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age 
and Gorillaz a lot, amongst others. But we also get inspired by non-musical things, like art, restlessness and words/books.”
What are your ‘can’t-do- without’ touring essentials?
“Nelly’s pillow (she really can’t sleep without it), dry shampoo and lots of panties.”
What’s the best gig you’ve 
ever seen?

Tuva: “I think that’s a really tricky question… I always feel like nothing I’ve been longing to see can live up my expectations, and that’s sad.. but I would say SBTRKT at Sonar in Stockholm in February this year, because it surprised me and blew me away a little.”
Nelly: “Fu Manchu when they were in Gothenburg. I was super happy and got to wish a song that they played, it was magical for a small, drunk 
lady like me.”

What can people expect from your debut album?
“Songs that are explosive and strong, yet downhearted and quiet. An album that really express us as a band, and that’s part of the reason we wanted it to be self-titled.”
What is your ‘desert 
island’ album?
Tuva: “Must be Plastic Beach by Gorillaz.”
Nelly: “In Rainbows by Radiohead. I’ll be sure to bring a complementary hammock when this happens.”

Best onstage moment so far?

”We always have real fun on stage, but a favourite memory was from April when we 
played in our hometown (which 
 we hadn’t done in a year) in 
front of a lot of friends and 
 family. It felt like a big 
 party all through the 
 set. We were all 
 dancing & swe- 
 ating together.”

You’ve played once in the UK. What was your first impression of it?
“The people we met were so nice and kind-hearted. We felt the good vibe of London and definitely had our appetites whetted for the UK. We’re longing to get back!”

Favourite film whilst you were growing up?
Tuva: “Harry Potter… I really want to say something cool but I feel I need to be honest, so there it goes. Harry Potter, my first love.”
Nelly: “I liked Grease and Disney movies but my favourite 
movie to watch was an 
informative film about sharks and the ocean.”

You’re on death row; what 
do you order for your last ever meal?
Tuva: “A whole plate 
of barbecued 
Nelly: “Perhaps 
a bed of salad 
served with 
the ass who 
put me there. 
Or just some 
really great chocolate ice cream, either works fine.”

Which new bands are you into at the moment?
Tuva: “I’ve started to listen a lot to Aphex Twin. A lot of weird songs, and a lot of fantastic songs. Listen to “Alberto Balsam”
Nelly: “I’m really bad at keeping track of new artists and bands but I did recently start to listen to the Danish band Kashmir and rediscovered Interpol.”

What’s your guilty pleasure (music-wise)?
Tuva: “Toxic – Britney Spears. It’s actually a great song.”
Nelly: “I love listening to World of Warcraft music or the Lotr soundtrack while reading.. Just to get in the mood, right. ;)”

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