Interview: Baddies
Baddies are the latest Southend band to hit the music scene, with their punch perfect brand of alt-rock. Debut single “Battleships” sunk the competition with its guitar broadsides and debut album “Do The Job” looks set to prove that good guys called Baddies don’t always finish last. Zac Colbert spoke to lead singer Michael Webster about deathmatches, desert islands and Dick Dastardly.

You’ve clearly stated you’re Baddies, rather than ‘the’ Baddies, so what’s your aversion to the definite article?

We have no problem with ‘the’ being at the beginning of a band name, I think the Who is an outstanding name, I also think the Cure is a great name – it just needs to sound and look good. The Baddies sounds much, much worse than Baddies.
Who’s your favourite cartoon baddie of all time?
I think it has to be Dick Dastardly from Wacky Races, he had a great voice, lovely ‘tache and a brilliant car. Baddies don’t normally ever win, Maybe we’ll be the first?
You’ve been compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, how do you feel about that?
QOTSA are a fantastic band, so we’re very pleased with the comparison. They were a very big influence on us early on, maybe not so much now but we are very happy to be dubbed the British QOTSA!

You played at the Great Escape festival this year. Do you enjoy the Brighton crowd and what other festivals are you looking forward to playing at this year?

We’ve only played Brighton a handful of times, the Great Escape was great. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to every single festival but particularly Roskilde in Denmark as I’ve heard it’s an amazing festival and Denmark is supposed to be beautiful.
In a free-for-all death match between the members of the band, who would win? And no, you can’t use your respective instruments as weapons.
Danny is definitely the muscles of the band, without a doubt he would kick all of ours, all of yours and all of your friends’ arses! Don’t doubt the Rowt!
Ok, with that in mind, you’re stuck on a desert island, you only have one instrument to entertain the lot of you, which instrument would you chose?
Maybe a piano would be a good idea? Jim could tap the sides for drums, Danny on the low notes, Simon in the middle and me at the top and then when we’ve had enough, we can chop it up, make a raft out of it and get on outta there!

Baddies are set to release their debut album “Do The Job” in September.

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