Evans The Death: "Drinking has been way over the top from all of us in the past"

Evans The Death: "Drinking has been way over the top from all of us in the past"

The London-based psychedelic punk four-piece’s second full length album “Expect Delays” came out earlier this year. Jimmy Volts caught up with Evans The Death guitarist Dan Moss amidst their current UK tour, to bag a brief snapshot of what they’re all about with some quick-fire questions…
How did the band’s name come about?
“It’s the name of the undertaker from Dylan Thomas’ Under 
Milk Wood.”
What are your most significant influences?

“Some artists who I have consistently identified with over the years are The Fall, The Replacements, The Kinks, Ween, Neil Young, Velvet Underground. I don’t think we sound much like any of them but they share an eclecticism and make music that’s both uncompromising and accessible, I hope that’s 
rubbed off on us.”

Who in the band has the worst touring habits? 
“Drinking has been way over the top from all of us in the past, that coupled with lack of sleep has lead to a lot of silly behaviour. The one who was best at that stuff, Matt Gill, isn’t in the band anymore unfortunately. He’d do stuff like get us locked out of our hotel room because he’d been sticking pennies in the card key slot, or he’d disappear then be found with two policemen after being caught accidentally pissing on a grave, or he’d just start smearing hummus everywhere. In fact, I think 
that all happened on the 
same night.”
Best on stage moment?
“The first of two shows we played at Primavera a coupe 
of years ago felt pretty special, it might not have been the slickest performance but it was our first time playing a proper, big festival and I remember looking out to see all these people watching and I felt so exhilarated to be there.”
Any RIDIC rider requests?
“We’re usually happy to get the lager, hummus and pitta bread that most bands get, we’d feel daft making special requests, we’re not fussy like that. A weird thing happened at a show recently… this package turned up backstage, we didn’t see who delivered it, and it was a bottle of Jack Daniels with a hand-written note saying ‘have a great show – your buddies at JD’. We were about to tweet a picture of it but then we thought ‘no, that’s what they want us 
to do!’.”
Guilty pleasures (music-wise)?
“I don’t think you should feel bad for enjoying any kind of music, unless you’re really into Skrewdriver or something. I enjoy listening to our own stuff a bit too much, maybe I should feel guilt over that.”

Any new bands you’re 
loving at the moment?
“I think Slum of Legs from Brighton and Feature from London are both making 
quite raw but exceptionally intelligent music at the 
moment and both pretty new, 
to me at least. Ezra Sound too, they’re a lot of fun to see. 
And Shame.”

What’s in your festival survival kit?
“I don’t really go to them unless I’m playing. I’m not an expert. It can’t be that much of an ordeal though can it? It’s not like 
the Somme.”

Last good film you saw?
“The Fog Of War, the Errol Morris documentary about Robert McNamara.”

Desert island album?
“Beatles White Album maybe? That’s pretty good value.”

What’s the worlds worst fashion disaster?
“Those trousers with the crotch down by the knees. Actually they’re too silly to hate. Maybe when everyone started wearing desert scarves ten years ago.”
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