Apps-olutely fabulous!

Apps-olutely fabulous!

Zombies, run!
Want to get fit, have fun and be frightened all at the same time? Can’t afford a pet tiger to take for walks? Try this super-popular app. It encourages you to run further and faster by immersing you in an interactive fight for survival from the undead hordes. An audio adventure accompanies you (alongside optional music of your own choosing) while you run, whilst virtual supplies you collect whilst doing so help reinforce your defences in-game. It’s a truly novel way to get you off the sofa… only whilst The Walking Dead’s not on of course!
Full game $3.99 on

Untappd – drink socially!
Untappd is a social discovery and check-in network for anyone that enjoys beer. It lets you easily locate nearby craft beers and bars, see which drinks are trending, and find out where your friends are drinking (yep, they must have just “forgotten” to call you…). It will send you personalized beer recommendations based on your tastes and will tell you where to go to find a particular tipple. What it won’t do is look after you the next day or phone your boss to say you’re too ill to work, so you’ve been warned!
Free at
SeeĀ for the facts about drinking

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