ACT NAME: Tigercub
GENRE: Rock, Grunge, Indie
HOME TOWN: Brighton
MUSICAL FAMILY TREE: Dinosaur Pile-Up, Pulled Apart By Horses, Weirds
WHY CARE: This trio have proved themselves to be an integral part of Brighton’s music scene over the last few years. Their debut full-length “Abstract Figures In The Dark” was a visceral display of mammoth riffs and dark melodies akin to Queens Of The Stone Age. Latest offering “Evolve Or Die” (released September 29th on Alcopop! Records) sees the band throwing out the rulebook and shattering any expectations you might have had of what their next sonic move would be. First single from the EP “The Divided States Of Us” is pure gold for fans of Nine Inch Nails.
KILLER TRACK: “The Divided States Of Us”


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