Release Review: The Cribs, "24-7 Rock Star Shit" – Album, Out Now

Recorded live to tape in just five days, this back-to-basics approach captures The Cribs at their most explosive and visceral. Producer Steve Albini (Shellac, Pixies, Nirvana) has almost completely stripped the group of their indie-rock roots, shifting the focus on to fuzz-drenched riffs, scrappy vocals and raw emotion. It’s a bold and unexpected statement to make, but the aggressive makeover feels effortlessly natural and makes for an exhilarating ride. “What Have You Done For Me” and “Sticks Not Twigs” take things down a notch to more familiar plains, but for the most part this is The Cribs like you’ve never heard them before, and exactly how we hope to hear them again.
Out now, 7/10

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