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Plumpton Racecourse

Plumpton Racecourse, Lewes East Sussex

Plus X

Plus X, Brighton

Pop Up Gallery

Pop Up Gallery, Brighton East Sussex

Popworld Brighton

Popworld Brighton, Brighton

Premier Inn Brighton

Premier Inn Brighton, Brighton East Sussex

Preston Park

Preston Park, Brighton

Presuming Ed's Coffee House

Presuming Ed’s Coffee House, Brighton East Sussex

Proud Cabaret, Brighton

Proud Cabaret, Brighton, Brighton

PRYZM nightclub

PRYZM nightclub, Brighton East Sussex

Pull & Pump

Pull & Pump, Brighton

Purple Playhouse Theatre

Purple Playhouse Theatre, Hove East Sussex

Queen's Hotel Brighton

Queen’s Hotel Brighton, Brighton East Sussex

Revenge Club

Revenge Club, Brighton East Sussex

Revolution Bar, Brighton

Revolution Bar, Brighton, Brighton East Sussex

Rialto Theatre, Brighton

Rialto Theatre, Brighton, Brighton

Richmond Bar

Richmond Bar, Brighton

Riki Tik

Riki Tik, Brighton Sussex

Saint George's

Saint George’s, Brighton East Sussex

Sallis Benney Theatre

Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton

Scoop and Crumb - Now closed down

Scoop and Crumb – Now closed down, Brighton & Hove East Sussex
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